HB 100 (10 tm class)

The HB line has articulated cranes in the 3 tm to 70 tm class. These cranes are most versatile and user-friendly, simple, efficient and robust.

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HB 100 (10 tm class)

icon-tm Lifting moment: 9.57 tm
icon-max-vertical-reach Max. vert. reach: 9.5 m
icon-slewing-angle Slewing angle: 395º
icon-slewing-time Slewing time: 17 s/180º
icon-working-heel Max. working heel: 4º
icon-working-pressure Working pressure: 290 bar
icon-weight Crane w/o stab.: 1080 kg
icon-oiltank Oil tank capacity: 60 l
icon-oil-flow Oil flow: 25 l/min
icon-dimensions Dim. : 2480x2170x640 mm
icon-recommended-truck Sug. truck: min. GVW 8 ton


  • Cross Controls
  • Load limiting devide (CE)
  • Hexagonal section extensions
  • Independent extension cylinders
  • Fixed stabilizer cylinder
  • Flanged valves
  • Oil Tank
  • Assembly kit
  • Designed in accordance with: EN12999 – DIN15018
  • Fatigue test classification: B3


  • One-shot lubrication
  • Pivoting stabilizer legs
  • Outriggers with hydraulic extension
  • Manual extensions
  • Winch
  • Extra extensible stabilizers
  • Top Seat


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