Other Features

  • Control Station

    The control station which includes crane and stabiliser controls supports all control versions on all models. Dedicated studies on ergonomics and user preferences have created the most ergonomic working position and user-friendly interface which facilitate accurate and safe operation. The 7 inch colour, intuitive information display facilitates natural movements by the operator during use.

  • Crane Use

    Smooth Descent Valve (SDV)
    The SDV system uses a special counterbalance valve to reduce boom oscillation and facilitates high precision in unloading operations and a smooth descent stop.

  • Extra Extension Speed (EES)

    A special regenerative valve re-uses oil during extension, ensuring an incredibly high speed without compromising the safe operation of the crane.

  • Functional Aesthetic

    Industrial designers conducted an ergonomic review leading to redesign of the entire crane package, improving aspects such as the base and deck, boom and column shape, hose covers, oil tank, and the position of all controls and displays to suit different applications and for different heights of crane users.

  • Lift Control System (LCS)

    The Lift Control System increases the capacity of the crane by up to 10% by reducing the speed when the crane is near its maximum lifting capacity.

  • Liftrod Articulating System (LAS)

    The connection rods ensure that the lifting capacity of the crane is constant in all boom positions.

  • Negative Angle

    Negative angle between the column/first boom and first boom/second booms produces the most versatile crane structure available. The jib also benefits from negative angle. The crane is able to work more effectively in unusual positions. For example, it is possible to enter a low door with the boom, and, it is more flexible in confined spaces or low ceiling spaces.

  • Smooth Descent Unit (TCU)

    This system compensates for boom oscillation, ensuring smooth movement of the load.

  • Turnable Stabilisers

    This accessory allows safe rotation of the stabiliser without relying on the physical strength of the operator.  Flange with hinge connection allows 180° stabiliser rotation simply by closing the stabiliser cylinder. Manual or pneumatically assisted which makes operation easier for the driver. 180°rotation makes easier installation on Euro 5 and 6 truck. Easy to retrofit.

  • Valves

    The combination of valves make the cranes easier to use and safer as the high precision movements reduce the risk of operator or load damage. And, shorter loading/unloading cycles can improve productivity.