skilled Australian technicians
in stability control systems
technical training for cranes
stability control systems
the great teamwork to achieve
the goal for safe use of the cranes


Special technical training for cranes stability control systems in Hyva Pacific

A part of HCE After Sales team, led by Gianpaolo Popovich, literally has flown to the other side of the world and bringing Hyva cranes technology knowledge, shared with skilled Australian technicians the important opportunity for showed different control system stability made in our cranes.

2 specialized technicians in training – Nicola Verrini from HCE and Bram de Weerd from Hyva Pacific – 3 days of training for to knowledge all different control system stability for truck mounted cranes, 15 people representative for 6 Australian dealers: these are the numbers of the great teamwork to achieve the common goal to secure use of the cranes in the most effective and efficient way.

“The service network in this vast country is efficient and operative, and our Subsidiary is a good point of reference for them”– said Nicola Verrini, After Sales Engeneer “Recently stability control systems entered in Australians cranes’ users life and it was important to examine many aspects of the well-known Current Line and to study innovations of the New Crane Line, already introduced in the market.”

Gianpaolo Popovich added: “Lastly I’d like to remark the good cooperation between HCE and Hyva Pacific about the preparation of this event, thanks the support of our dealer HSR Southern Cross, raising competences in leadership and teamwork. Although based so far in the world, we were able to prepare a great training and lead it like we were office-desk colleagues.”

All participants will continue to train the local importers, dealers and partners supporting the Hyva Crane presence in the big Australian land.