Quality and environmental processes effectively installed and executed in Hyva Capital Equipment

In January, Hyva Capital Equipment was audited for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Both audits recorded very good progress, and, there were no major and no minor Non Conformities (NCs).

What makes third party auditing so valuable for our company is the feedback that we receive from the  auditors,” explained Davide Zanotti, Global Quality Director.“They follow the same company for some years, diving deep into the details of operations and processes, and building up an expert overview.

In relation to Quality Management certification (ISO 9001:2008), the auditors were impressed with the setting of objectives, regular follow up, enormous data collection, and the evidence of regular analysis and review.
They reported that progress was being made on a range of processes including Risk Assessment, Incoming Inspection, Production Setup, Shipping Audit and On Time Delivery.

“I must say that, based on what I’ve seen in Hyva Capital Equipment, you are already covering a big part of the requirement of the new standard ISO 9001:2015,” Auditor.

In relation to Environmental Management certification (ISO 14001:2004), the auditors were satisfied with the improvements made by the Italian team.

A very good job has been done in this last year overall in the plant. It is clear that a mind-set of continuous improvement is present in all process owners who we met during the last three days,” Auditor.

Great job guys!” commented Davide Zanotti, “This is the result of the huge efforts made during the last year by everyone in the Hyva Capital Equipment team. We also thank the Central  Quality team for their support. The auditors’ comments confirm that we are on the right track, and give encouragement to the whole team to do even better and put in the additional effort to complete the last mile.