specialist lifting
for light poles


Efficient and fast placement of light poles

At Hyva we are always looking for ways to expand the range of lifting and moving solutions that we can offer to our customers. One of our latest initiatives is a Manipulator which is designed to hydraulically grip lift a 12 metre light pole from horizontal and place it in a vertical position. These light poles are, for example, typically used for roadside lighting installations.

With three axes of articulation and continuous rotation, this highly adaptable manipulator provides immense manoeuvrability, faster placement of the light pole – using less manpower and without compromising safety. A short training course is all that is required before operation.

A collaboration in Australia between Hyva Pacific and Ronco Group (Turnkey crane and lifting solutions), recently demonstrated the versatility and efficiency of this crane/manipulator combination.

The demonstration showcased the ease of use, even on a windy day.