Taking crane control to new heights

Imagine a truck-mounted crane that can be controlled remotely, with the tip of a finger; a crane which you can fold or unfold – from or to any position – simply by pressing a button; a crane which offers automatically optimised stabilisation; a crane which offers new levels of safety, efficiency and ease of operation. Well, you don’t need to imagine it – because it’s here for real, in our latest range of cranes.

Take the Magic Touch [MT] feature, for example. This innovative display allows the driver (after truck stabilisation), to automatically fold (from any position to transport position) and unfold (to working position) the crane when required. It’s a genuine leap forward in crane control – a leap forward that’s not only easy to use, but which improves safety, saves time and can increase productivity, too. If you want to see just how superbly flexible it is, and how easy to use, simply watch our two-minute video.

And there’s more. Our latest cranes also feature another innovation – and an industry first for truck-mounted articulated cranes: called Dynamic Load Diagram [DLD], it allows the driver to verify in advance the crane lifting capacity based on truck stability. The result is an automatically optimised stabilisation, and improved safety by avoiding borderline working conditions. Simplicity itself to use, the Dynamic Load Diagram increases working efficiency and saves time by increasing the awareness and control of the operator. Watch our short video to see it in action!

Both Magic Touch and Dynamic Load Diagram systems are presented to the driver through our new Top Display, an ergonomically designed control panel with a 7” colour display, making the cranes exceptionally easy to use and delivering safer and more comfortable operating conditions for the driver.

Make sure you’re up to speed on our new crane technology by watching our brief videos on Magic Touch, Dynamic Load Diagram and the new Cranes Technology.
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